Facilities for hosting migrants are over capacity and can’t accommodate the massive flood of refugees. Border Patrol agents have been forced to release many of them into the United States without proper procedure. The number of those admitted has now reached 30,000, an ex-top border official who worked under Trump’s administration discloses.

According to the Washington Examiner, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s former acting commissioner, Mark Morgan, on Tuesday shared the insider notes that confirm Border Patrol agents have been releasing illegal foreigners directly. They allow them to skip the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which mandates a 20-day-extended period of custody. 

No one is screened before being released. Federal authorities are counting on local nonprofit organizations and governments to perform Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19 testing, and quarantine individuals that test positive, the Washinton Examiner report added.

In February, it was reported that unless the individual showed signs of evident health problems, the CCP Virus test would not necessarily be required for refugees in custody. It was found out early in March that up to one hundred migrants released tested positive for the virus. 

The Biden administration requested in January that agents not turn away unaccompanied children. This was the opposite to 12 months prior when federal law enforcement officers at the southern border dismissed those found illegally crossing the border to avoid overcrowding border stations during the pandemic. As Mexico’s foster facilities are full, most migrant families are still not being turned away, which resulted in the massive flood of people over the past two months.

Consequently, as migrant shelters are overloaded, ICE has become challenging to accommodate transfers from the Border Patrol. On Mar 28, Sen. Cruz and his team took a tour of the Donna facility in Texas. They confirmed with images that children, including young girls and boys, were crammed together inside the place and forwarded to the Department of Health and Human Services later. According to him, the Donna facility has to host nearly 16 times its actual capacity of 250 people. 

In a conversation after a roundtable discussion held in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, Morgan remarked the about 30,000 number that “You’re not going to find that anywhere because they’re locking down the information.” 

Nearly two weeks ago, multiple media reported that Border Patrol officials received an unofficial “gag order,” which instructed them to apply measures that prevent information of the actual situation at the border from being “leaked.”

Additionally, Sen. Cruz was also asked to stop filming as he tried to record proof of the Donna conditions last Saturday. 

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