The oldest of the five teenagers, who turns 20 years old this week, accused in the deadly I-75 rock-throwing case will spend at least 15 more months in prison after being sentenced on Tuesday, Oct. 29, ABC News reported.

Kyle Anger, of Clio, Michigan, and four other teens, Mark Sekelsky, Alexander Miller, Trevor Gray, and McKayden Payne, on Oct. 18, 2017, were trying to “make contact in this (game) called ‘Overpassing’—to be able to say aloud ‘Dinger!’ when a car was hit,” Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah said.

Kenneth White, 32,  and his friend Steve Amthor were driving home from work, when a large rock entered the passenger side through the windshield, hitting White, authorities said.

Anger, 18 years old at that time, is the one throwing the rock onto the windshield of the van and causing White’s death, according to prosecutors.

“We just weren’t thinking what the outcome could be of it and just doing dumb stuff,” Anger told the judge about the game they played.

Anger pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for other charges being dropped. He was sentenced to between 39 months to 20 years in prison includes credit for 740 days spent in jail since his arrest in 2017. He also is required to pay restitution of $7,000 to White’s family. 

Sekelsky, Miller, Gray, and Payne, are attempting to be treated as juveniles. However, according to Judge Farah’s decision this past July, they would be tried as adults. They accepted plea agreements for manslaughter on Monday, July 15.

According to Anger’s attorney, Edward Farrell, Anger’s guilty plea came with the agreement that he’ll be sentenced based on the manslaughter guidelines, which range from 19 months to 57 months in prison, WJRT reported.