The cancellation culture continues to advance by leaps and bounds and now has two new victims: the traditional Halloween and Valentine’s Day celebrations, which will not be held starting this year in some Michigan schools because they are considered “not inclusive.”

WLNS media shared a letter sent last Wednesday by the East Lansing Public Schools Elementary Principal’s Team, where they explained the reasons for the decision.

In the letter, they say they are concerned that these celebrations make some families feel uncomfortable and hurt some children’s feelings.

At the beginning of the text, you can read the following:

“As we learn and grow as a school community, we often reflect on our practices as a school district and the impact our practices have on our students and families. The celebration of Halloween and Valentine’s Day are two traditions that have given us pause for some time, especially as we grow in our understanding of equity and inclusion and look closely at the unintended consequences of celebrating these days in school.” 

Then it goes on to explain how Halloween “affects” children and their families:

“Each year, along with the fun of Halloween parties and parades, we also have students whose families do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in Halloween festivals.”

They also explain that children are frightened by the costumes, and then there are others who are not in costume.

Regarding Valentine’s Day says it brings unintended consequences in children’s card exchanges.

“While some students bring Valentines to exchange, others do not. Some families and students do not feel comfortable with the idea of boys and girls exchanging valentines or participating in a celebration that focuses on ‘Love.'”

The letter concludes by stating that they decided not to hold these celebrations and that they offer alternative days during the year for other activities.

“For these reasons and more, the ELPS administration has decided not to celebrate Halloween or Valentine’s Day in our elementary schools moving forward. While this may be a disappointment and/or an adjustment for some of our students/families at first, we promise to continue to offer alternative days throughout the school year that are full of fun and learning, for everyone.”

According to the Lansing State Journal, Assistant Superintendent Glenn Mitcham said that many children cry, some at not having the same types of Halloween costumes as other children, nor the same wonderful Valentine’s Day cards as others.

And that for this reason, they strive to make the school district “equitable and inclusive for all families.”

In turn, Mitchman explained that Halloween and Valentine’s Day will still be celebrated but to a lesser extent, as students who want to can wear costumes, but there will be little or no partying.

For her part, the mayor of East Lansing City, Jessy Gregg, wrote a message on Facebook to clarify the situation about the festivities in the city.

“I have mentioned to several staff members that I think our seasonal programs would be more welcoming if we didn’t include things like pictures with Santa or the Easter Bunny. Yes, Christmas and Easter have become mainstream commercial holidays, but they are religious traditions, and including them in City-sponsored programs makes those events unwelcoming to large segments of our population. We can host a beautiful winter-themed festival without including religion.

No events are being canceled.

I hope that you and your family can join the Downtown East Lansing business community for our Great Pumpkin Walk on October 24th.”

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