A viral video of a Michigan officer approaching a black man for allegedly looking at a white woman suspiciously has caused outrage recently.

Devin Myers, 20, said he was going to find someplace to park before heading to a restaurant then one of the Royal Oak police officers stopped him saying a woman had called to make a claim about him.

“She’s calling us saying you’re staring at her, so that’s why I’m out here,” an officer said to Myers.

The officer then asked for his ID and verbally detaining him for 19 minutes.

After the exchange the video sparked outrage, the police department issued a full apology, saying: “This is not the practice of the Royal Oak Police Department and it is not acceptable. The supervisor has been disciplined and every Royal Oak police supervisor has received additional training in procedural justice.”

“It’s scary. My anxiety was very high. It was hard for me to go to sleep that night,” Devin told Click on Detroit. 

The woman who made the 911 call never got out of her vehicle to approach Myers or the officers during the encounter.

“I just wish she would have gotten out of her car and come over here and maybe not been a coward sitting in her car watching the whole time,” the manager said.

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