On Friday, July 16, Ray Lucas, 23, of Eastpointe, Michigan, returned home from an errand with girlfriend Shi’Ann Brown, with whom he shares 18-month-old twin daughters Malaysia and Milan. According to a GoFundMe page set up for the family, when the couple arrived home, they discovered their home had caught fire.

They were frightened because Lucas knew his 18-month-old twin girls, Milan and Malaysia, were stuck inside and sleeping in the basement, Breitbart reports.

“The house was engulfed in smoke, I saw my mom and my niece were standing at the door and they were frantic,” Lucas recalled. “I just knew I had to get my babies out. That’s what went through my mind.”

Lucas rushed into the house without hesitation.

“You really couldn’t see your hand in front of your face—I really only found my babies due to my memory, just knowing where they were and knowing how to get to them—just from having that same route,” he explained.

Malaysia had severe burns but was released from the hospital to be with her mother, Shi’Ann, father Lucas, and twin sister Milan, who had smoke inhalation and burns.

The father, however, was “severely burned” in the electrical fire, according to the GoFundMe page, and “sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his face, eyes, neck, arms and other parts of his body in additional to smoke inhalation.” Lucas is now concerned that “due to the extent of his injuries,” he will be unable to return to work.

“I was temporarily blind for three days and they said it was a miracle I could see,” he stated. “I’ve got burns on my arms, but for the most part, everyone is still here.”

Lucas is currently unable to work due to his injuries. Aside from losing their home, the family has lost many of their valuables, and their medical bills have continued to rise.

However, a GoFundMe account was established to help the family recover and has raised $441,919 of the $40,000 goal.

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