Former first lady Michelle Obama, along with the ultra-progressive foundation she heads, When We All Vote, announced a plan aimed at recruiting and training a total of 100,000 volunteers who will aim to bring in 1 million new voters to add to the Democratic electorate.

Obama wrote in a letter Sunday that her “voting rights” organization plans to register more than 1 million new voters before this year’s midterm elections.

In addition, in a Twitter message, Obama urged Congress to pass voting rights legislation. Referring that “there are people” who are making it difficult to vote.

The 2022 midterm elections will have major political consequences as Democrats attempt to maintain their narrow margin of control in Congress amid a series of poor decisions made by the Biden administration that have led to widespread criticism and new dissenters.

The move also comes as the Senate remains deadlocked on the passage of federal voting rights legislation sought by progressive sectors of Congress.

In fact, among the 100,000 volunteers they intend to incorporate into the plan, a portion of them will be tasked with contacting senators on the passage of voting rights legislation and recruiting “thousands” of lawyers to supposedly protect voting rights “in states where voting freedom is threatened.”

Obama indicated that GOP-led states, including Georgia, Texas and Florida, have allegedly passed restrictive election bills that make it harder for citizens to vote.

These types of measures promoted by the former First Lady and the most progressive sectors of the Democrats, although they may sound very good to the ears, often hide behind them power interests that are far from the announced intention of granting rights to the most vulnerable sectors.

Among the critics of this type of measures is the conservative activist Candace Owens, who already in March 2021 warned that the border crisis should be called “border plan” because the Democrats intend to “flood” illegal immigrants to the United States to turn them into “victim voters”, and thus fulfill their political interests.

“What I mean when I say victim voters is that they are going to implement the same plan that they have successfully executed in black America for the last six decades,” Candace told host Tucker Carlson. “What comes next for these illegal immigrants? Free stuff.”

Owens said Democrats use free healthcare, free hotel rooms to entice these illegal immigrants to vote for them and allow them to stay in power, a strategy Democrats have done with black Americans for the past several years.

Owens went on to say that black Americans are beginning to realize that their lives have not improved under Democratic policies. However, it may be too late for them because the Democrats have brought in a new voting bloc: Hispanic illegal immigrants.

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