According to data from the Mexican National Migration Institute, between January and May 2019, the country received 4,225 Cubans, compared to 135 during the same period last year.

Cuban immigrants have become the main influx into Mexico, surpassing even Central Americans in number, CubaNet reported.

High inflation rates coupled with the institutional corruption of an agonizing socialist regime—which has governed the Caribbean island for decades—is driving Cubans to leave the country en masse.

In this context, on Friday, July 5,  the U.S. authorities temporarily closed the border between Mexico and the United States after dozens of Cubans tried to enter by force.

Weeks ago, AmericaTeVeCanal41 described that the lack of flour forced Cubans to prepare croquettes and hamburgers with rice or sweet potato paste, experiments that recall the hardest years of the so-called special period in Cuba.

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