In a statement from the White House last week, the president announced that on June 10, the United States will begin to impose a 5 percent tariff on all goods coming from Mexico, that the tariffs will increase 5 percent each subsequent month until it reaches a maximum of 25 percent and that the tariff will remain in place until Mexico stops the flow of illegal aliens.

The Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro recently told FoxNews that the Mexican government has been engaged in a multibillion-dollar industry trafficking illegal aliens and drugs into the United States for many years.

The director explained how this industry moves an estimated 100,000 Central Americans through government checkpoints where officials are bribed, how it essentially works in conjunction with international drug cartels, how Mexico has reneged on its agreement to take asylum-seekers, and how the United States is bearing the entire cost of this international border emergency.||7aa838ee1__

Navarro further explained that the strategy is to shift the economic burden of this crisis to Mexico and because this is an immigration and national security issue, tariffs are an appropriate action within the context of the international emergency economic powers act that will hopefully force the Mexicans to shut this industry down.

Navarro explains that we need the Mexican government to take these illegals on their own soil for two reasons;

  1. Once the Central Americans understand they will end up in Mexico and not the United States, they will stop coming.
  2. Mexico has tougher laws making it easier for them to repatriate these people back to their country of origin.

Meanwhile, congressional Republicans are considering calling a vote to pass a resolution of disapproval on Trump’s use of a declaration of national emergency, which allows him to impose the 5 percent tariff on Mexican imports.

Includes reporting from FoxNews

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