According to law-enforcement sources, a 60-year-old woman leaped from her luxury Midtown apartment Friday afternoon, July 23, holding her little lap dog, killing both. Moments earlier, a positive message on a paper airplane was caught by a neighbor.

“You are blessed,” and “Stay strong. You’ll get through this!” were written on both wings of the paper plane, said Dimitri Wallace, a local resident.

Wallace told The New York Post that he was resting on the top of a building opposite The Victory when a paper aircraft letter fluttered by and landed next to him, just moments before the incident occurred.

“It landed on my roof up here, like directly above. I was like ‘Oh [expletive], is somebody OK?’” Wallace recalled, then he tossed it away to send a “positive message” for someone else.

“That’s crazy,” he added of the suicide, “someone like threw this note and then this literally happened like right after.” He went on to say, “I just saw it, and I was like ‘Oh, that’s weird.’”

According to the New York Post, the lady’s flat included a scribbled letter about pressure and containers of medicine. “Looks like depression,” a source stated.

According to police and sources, the unidentified Manhattan woman had just eaten her last meal on the roof of her 46-story apartment complex when she jumped off holding her rescue dog shortly before 1 p.m. The woman and her dog were both pronounced dead at the site, according to authorities.

The lady lived at the Victory, a 46-story building in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen area, at 561 10th Avenue near 41st Street, which was the scene of similar tragic suicide in February 2020. Fetner Properties manages the 420 rental flats in the structure.

The incident shocked surrounding employees, who wondered why the female would bring her dog with her. “Bro, she threw herself out with a dog!” exclaimed Mike Olive, a building worker from across the street, “With a dog!.”

“It’s unfortunate that somebody finds themselves in that situation. It’s unfortunate. Hopefully, God has her in his hands,” he continued.

Another suicide occurred at the same building in February of last year, and the New York Police Department was called to the scene. The individual was discovered on an above-ground landing. The building’s service entry door required removal, and ropes and a ladder were used to reach the body in a cramped place. Police then lifted the body to a height where they could take it out.

Suicide is the 10th leading factor of fatalities in the U.S., according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The COVID-19 pandemic’s quarantine methods only increase the rate of suicide, critics claimed.

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