A Gateway Pundit article from Aug. 1 analyzes how the mainstream media has been covering the mortality rate in the pandemic and finds several points that are questionable or directly wrong.

Currently, mainstream media headlines report that cases are rising, in an apparent attempt to keep this pandemic “alive,” states the report, which does not dwell on theory but provides concrete data.

The article explores some instances where by omitting or manipulating data, the number of deaths is higher than the actual number, which given these practices is not known exactly.

  1. Reported cases of deaths with no relation to the CCP virus are reported as such

On the 12 News website, a team of reporters reviewed the list of deaths from the CCP Virus in Palm Beach County, Florida, but there were several cases where the cause of death was other than the CCP Virus. The people in the list tested positive for the virus but died for other reasons:

A 90-year-old man who died from a gunshot wound to the head
A 90-year-old woman who fell, broke her hip and died of complications
A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson’s

Of the list with 581 deaths from the CCP Virus, only 169 were deaths from the virus alone. The remaining cases had factors that contributed to the death, but by omitting this data, they were all counted as deaths from the CCP Virus, adding to the actual figure.

  1. Deaths assumed to be due to CCP Virus, but no evidence was presented

Some states count the deaths of people who tested positive for CCP Virus as deaths from the CCP Virus even if they did not die from the virus.

Also, when they count new infections, they add to the number of those already infected who are now positive, adding a number that is not real.

  1. Only 1% of the CCP Virus deaths did not have pre-existing conditions, so the death count is altered

  2. The mortality rate is also exaggerated. According to statistics, the CCP Virus has the mortality rate of a seasonal flu or less

The example of the manipulated number of deaths in the state of Florida—the media is adding up the deaths of the previous days rather than counting the deaths of that date only. So, all the time it seems to be going up.

According to the following tweet, with data extracted from the Florida Department of Health, on a given day Florida reported 257 deaths from the CCP Virus, but this is how they reached that number:

That is, instead of reporting the number of deaths on the date, they report the sum of the whole month and thus the number is increasing.

The report’s conclusion is that the media, helped by individuals at the CDC who oversee the reporting of these figures, are showing manipulated data. For this reason, this process needs to be independently audited, because people need to know the truth, the author of the report stated.