YouTube censors any video that deviates from its assumption that there is a president-elect, which is not true, and there is arbitrary evidence of the platform as a political actor, according to author Matt Taibbi.

“The YouTube announcement is the latest salvo in the fight against ‘domestic anti-democracy information,’ and the first of many problems with it is its hypocrisy,” according to his Dec. 11 article.

The contradictory nature of the situation is highlighted by recalling that in 2016 YouTube also supported the incorrect version that President Donald Trump had been elected as a result of Russian interference.

Faced with this situation, Taibbi highlighted the alliance between the media and Big Tech to impose the version of events that best suited their own interests, which he considered anti-American and wrong.

“If, however, the theories are coming from Donald Trump or some other disreputable species of uncredentialed American, then it’s time for companies like YouTube to move in and wipe out 8,000+ videos and nudge people to channels like CBS and NBC, as well as to the home page of the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. This is a process YouTube calls “connecting people to authoritative information,'” wrote Taibbi.

He also believes that YouTube’s measures could have the opposite effect to the one that apparently motivates them.

“Acts like the YouTube ban not only don’t accomplish this, they’ll almost certainly further radicalize this population,” Taibbi stated.

He ends with the question, “Do you want 70 million Trump voters in the streets with guns and go-bags?”

“Tell them you consider them the same as foreign enemies, and start treating them accordingly. This is a stupid, dangerous, wrong policy, guaranteed to make things worse,” Taibbi warned.

Censorship of YouTube and Big Tech like Google and Twitter is not new, and in fact YouTube’s CEO admitted as much.

Susan Wojcicki, confirmed last year that the firm had removed hundreds of ads from President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Wojcicki stated, “There are ads for President Trump that were not approved for posting on Google or YouTube.

For now, users of social networks are beginning to take their predictions in the face of growing censorship from some platforms such as YouTube.

Thus, the Internet user ‘CodeMonkeyZ’ proposes registering on alternative information channels so as not to be victims of a “total blackout.”

“If Trump goes through with his rumored “2018 EO Plan” in a few days, all of Big Tech will be quickly banning and censoring ALL support of the 2018 EO,” wrote @CodeMonkeyZ.

He added, “Now you must establish communications off of Big Tech, otherwise you may quickly find yourself in the dark. It will be BLACK OUT.”

If anything has distinguished President Trump’s many supporters amid their disappointment over the widespread election fraud, it is their patience and unwavering confidence that everything is under control, and that their demands will be resolved in a timely manner so that they can testify to the re-election on Jan. 20.

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