On Thursday, April 8, a mass shootings occurred in an industrial park at Kent Moore Cabinets, an on-demand cabinet manufacturing company in Bryan, Texas.

At least one person died, and several others were wounded in the shooting.

“I’ve been working with @TxDPS & TX Rangers as they assist local law enforcement on a swift response to this criminal act. Their efforts led to the arrest of the shooting suspect,” Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said in a statement. “Cecilia & I are praying for the victims & their families & for the injured officer.”

Four people were transported to the hospital, one of whom was in critical condition. Additionally, the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed on Twitter that a DPS trooper was shot while trying to apprehend the gunman during the violent shooting.

The trooper, whose name had not been released, underwent surgery at St. John’s hospital in Bryan and is in a stable condition, according to Lieutenant Craig Cummings. 

Later in the day, the Bryan Police Department identified the suspect as Larry Bollin, 27, from Grimes County. After shooting a DPS officer, Bollin fled and was later apprehended by the Texas Highway Patrol in Grimes County.

Sheriff Buske said that the detainee was most likely a Kent Moor Cabinets employee but “did not rule out the possibility of additional suspects.” Bollin has been arrested for murder and detained at the Brazos County Jail. Brazos on a $1 million bond.

The motive of the alleged gunman is unknown at this time, police said. A junior high school near the shooting site has been closed, and students remained inside until police confirmed that the area was safe.

The Company Kent Moore Cabinets said that it is working “fully with law enforcement.” They said that they are concerned for the family and loved ones of those who were harmed. They will focus on supporting employees “in this tragic time.”

The shooting occurred just hours after Democratic President Joe Biden announced a slew of new gun control proposals. The acts followed a string of mass shootings around the country in recent weeks, including a shooting at multiple massage parlors in Atlanta and a mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, that left ten people dead. 

Biden has instructed the Department of Justice to develop new regulations to prevent the spread of ghost weapons and arm braces for handguns, which are difficult to track. He also instructed the department to draft model red-flag legislation, enabling a judge to temporarily restrict someone’s access to a gun under specific situations.

Hours before the Bryan shooting, Abbott criticized Biden for the measures. Texas Republicans, who dominate the state legislature, have long cherished the state’s image as a gun-friendly haven.