Actor Mark Wahlberg (The Departed, The Fighter) will star in Stu, a faith-based drama written and directed by Rosalind Ross in her debut feature film. Wahlberg will produce it alongside Stephen Levinson, his production partner and producer, and Jordan Foss. The exec producers team will include Miky Lee and Colleen Camp. This entire team has had incredible performances, and this film should be a box office hit.

When an A-list celebrity stars in a film about faith and religion, it’s a rare but exciting event, but it’s even rarer when it’s the star who gives the movie’s idea. 

The production of Stu is set to start in April. Although the story’s full details have yet to be revealed, the film has been rumored to be a faith-based project that the Lone Survivor star has been working on for a long time. While it is well-known that Christian actors are on the outer in Hollywood and movies about faith do not always have A-List stars in them, Stu is something to anticipate.    

Wahlberg has had a lot on his plate lately. He recently completed “Uncharted” with Tom Holland (Spiderman), a film that has been in process for a decade. Also, he recently wrapped filming on the Lionsgate drama “Arthur The King,” and his other movie, “Infinite,” will be released in September. According to Deadline, Wahlberg took advantage of a recent gap in his schedule to drive Stu through the production process. In this modern-day, it’s uncommon for something faith-based to be promoted. 

Although the film’s plot is still unconfirmed, Wahlberg spoke about it during a Facebook Live roughly five years ago, according to IndieWire. The story is based on Father Stuart Long, a former athlete who became a priest. He would begin as a man with ideologies unrelated to religion. Still, He would discover his calling and become a priest while at the same time suffering from a degenerative muscular disorder. To Wahlberg, the story speaks to his heart and is a testament to confidence and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Because of the ruthless attacks on most religious or conservative actors, Stu will be set with faith as a priority, which will be challenging. Wahlberg does not seem to be concerned with publicly expressing his religious belief.

Wahlberg and his wife wished everyone a “blessed Palm Sunday” on Twitter about this time last year, and on the Today show, he told the audience that he wanted “to be committed to serving the Lord.”

Let’s root for success with the movie, and Wahlberg continuing to be open and honest about his belief in the industry is a blessing.



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