Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said that the nation has only been under a new government for three months and has already returned to the Obama administration’s eight-year failure.

The outspoken Greene made the remarks on Just the News’s “The Water Cooler” on Tuesday, March 16. She also said that the “shiny and pretty” in Congress has worn off, and Democrats are failing miserably at their jobs because they are only focused on criticizing former President Trump’s behavior.

They’re now in charge of the entire show, “And boy, are they burning our country down,” Greene told David Brody, the host of the show. And she believes they realize it’s not as easy as we made it out to be. She believes that the Obama administration has returned to the White House and that we are seeing the same numbers, people, and names, as well as the same trend, “And that failed our country for eight years. And now it’s all back in place.”

In January, Greene filed articles of impeachment against newly sworn-in President Biden, accusing him of “abuse of power” in his past financial dealings. She recently proposed an immigration bill that would defund so-called sanctuary cities and complete the building of the southern border wall.

Greene has also been accused of being transphobic by the left for suggesting that there are only two genders, which she claims is an assault on God’s creation of men and women.

Greene said that when you have a political party that threatens God’s existence in such a heinous way—it’s a recipe for disaster. It is unmistakably an evil group. “It really is a true spiritual war,” she added. They deny that God made male and female and that there are only two genders.


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