A Marine veteran spent Christmas in the hospital and is still now fighting for his life after an accident with a speeding, red-light runner in Arizona.

On Monday morning, Dec. 23, when Michael Bryan was heading to work, he was hit by another car that was speeding and ran a red light t-boning Michael, police said.

“He was going twice the speed of that area which is a forty-five mile per hour zone,” Michelle Bryan, Michael’s wife told ABC15 Arizona.

The resulting accident left Michael with massive injuries and the other driver didn’t survive.

Michael broke both his legs, his arm, collapsed both his lungs, and had internal bleeding. Although he’s had multiple surgeries already, he remains unconscious.

“I was crushed, I was completely heart broken, it was awful just seeing him laying there,” Michelle said.

Michael joined the Marines in 2005 and served three tours overseas, spending time in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And while Michael continued his education in Arizona, he made it home and took a job delivering cement.

“He’s been hit by IED’s, been through many firefights, and for him to come back and have this happen to him it’s absolutely insane,” Michelle said.

As their Christmas presents remain unwrapped, decorations untouched inside their home.

His family now hopes that the spirit of dedication to others Michael committed so many years of his life to, is rewarded with kindness.

“He was the sole provider for our family, he has insurance through work and the military but our bills will begin piling up quickly with no way to pay them,” Michelle said. “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, the love of my life, so generous, he’d do anything for anyone.”

If you would like to help financially, click here for their GoFundMe.


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