Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was decisive in his speech on Wednesday, Dec. 9, when he accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of having bought the wills of many U.S. universities, with the purpose of “degrading our freedom and America’s national security. While taking advantage of the institutions to obtain key knowledge for their development as a power, they spread their globalist and leftist ideas in American society. 

Mike Pompeo insisted once again in his warnings to the American people about the danger of the penetration of the CCP in the United States. The danger has various aspects, ranging from spies who steal information from the U.S. military or university research centers, to the ideological penetration of the left within the centers of study, even the most prestigious in the United States. 

As reported by Fox News, Pompeo warned that the CCP is “poisoning the well of our higher education institutions for its own ends” and it degrades our freedoms and America’s national security

He then added a strong statement, “If we don’t educate ourselves, if we are not honest about what is happening, Beijing will educate us.”

Pompeo also said that many U.S. academics have been “attracted” to recruitment programs organized by the CCP, which pay them large sums of money to do research for the Party.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a process of self-censorship in American universities, which seems to have accepted with enthusiasm the direct interference of a foreign power. Its clear intentions are to disseminate its leftist globalist ideologies in the centers of study, as part of a broader agenda that has taken decades of organization with the aim of imposing communism on a global scale.

Earlier this year, data revealed by the U.S. Department of Education announced that several well-known universities, such as Yale and Cornell, had hidden more than $3 billion in foreign donations and funds, most of which came from foreign regimes such as China and Qatar.

As indicated by The Washington Free Beacon, the study led by Project Clerion, noted that universities inaccurately disclosed foreign funding to the Department of Education. Project Clerion is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing threats from extremist groups and individuals to the security of the United States.

Between 2014 and 2019, a total of $11 billion in foreign funding was reported. However, data provided by Project Clerion shows that the actual figure exceeds $14 billion. 

The Trump administration has openly fought over the past four years to stop the CCP’s advance into various areas of American society. Among them is education, and one of the recent steps it has taken is to declare the Confucius Institutes (CIUS) a foreign mission of the CCP.

In a statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced, “For more than four decades, Beijing has enjoyed free and open access to American society, while denying the same access to Americans and other foreigners in China.”

The Confucius Institute is “an entity that promotes Beijing’s global propaganda and campaign of evil influence on U.S. campuses and K-rooms,” Pompeo wrote in the statement.

The State Department said that the measure is intended to ensure that U.S. teachers and administrators can make decisions about whether programs should be allowed to continue.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the measure would require study centers to make statements about personnel and property, allowing U.S. officials to have greater clarity about their operations.


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