A passerby used a hammer to rescue an 18-wheeler trucker who made a mistake that nearly cost him his life from the floodwaters in Houston, Texas.

The incident happened as the trucker drove directly into the high water on the 59 northbound feeder road, near the Beltway on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 19.

Within seconds, the water was up to the 18-wheeler’s windshield, according to KHOU 11 News. It was too late for him to open the door or roll down the window.

Fortunately, a man named Nathan walking above on 59 at that time and saw what happened.

“Then the trailer started turning and he started, he panicked really,” Nathan said.

Nathan immediately grabbed a hammer from his truck and jumped over the guardrail and on to the top of the 18-wheeler. He then used his hammer to break a cab window and helped the driver out.

Another passerby also stopped to help. He took a rope from his truck with a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy pulled Nathan up first. Then, the three men pulled up the trucker.

He’s new to Houston, the trucker said. He was on the way to pick up a load and that no one had told him about the flooding.

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