A Speedway gas station robber got more than he bargained for when a customer was chasing him in his vehicle, ramming him with the car, then jumping out and beating him.

The incident occurred about 4:00 on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 21, at the Speedway gas station in Wauwatosa.

Officials of the Wauwatosa Police Department report that a man requested cash and cigarettes from an employee of the gas station and inferred that he had a gun in his pocket.

Calmonta Harris, who chased after the robber said he was getting gas there, and when it happened, his sister was working in the Speedway.

“[My sister] said, ‘Brother, brother, the man just robbed me. The man just robbed me.’ I said, ‘What man?’ She said, ‘The man right there,'” Harris said. “The man was running across the street, so I got in my car and chased him.”

Harris hit the man with his car in the video.

Then, Harris gets out of the car, beats the man and drags him. The video shows Harris returning to his vehicle, pulling out a tool, and hitting the robber with it, all while asking to see the gun the robber he said he had.

Police and Harris said the man was making a fist in his pocket, behaving as if he had a gun.

In a matter of minutes, officers arrived on the scene and arrested both Harris and the robber.

Police said the suspect was arrested with the suspected robbery with weapon implied. The man was not yet convicted.

Harris was also arrested by police for an unrelated misdemeanor charge he was wanted for. Police said it was for domestic battery.

Harris said if he had to do it, he would do it again.

“I wasn’t trying to intentionally beat the man up, but if he came out, he robbed the gas station with my little sister, so I don’t know what else I can, it’s all about my little sister,” Harris said.


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