A Texas man has been arrested after his fiancée saw a post of him robbing a bank the day before their wedding.

He supposedly robbed the bank so that he could afford her ring and pay for their wedding ceremony.

Heath Edward Bumpous from Crockett, Texas, was charged with aggravated robbery and booked into Trinity County Jail for allegedly assaulting a bank accountant at Citizens State Bank in Groveton, Texas, informing them that he had a gun and then demanded money, which he was then subsequently given.

Sheriff Woody Wallace said, “He basically stated that he was getting married tomorrow so he didn’t have enough money for a wedding ring that he wanted to buy and he needed to pay for the wedding venue.”

Upon receiving news of the robbery, Wallace immediately posted pictures of the suspect on the Facebook page of Trinity County Sherriff, hoping the public could provide information that would lead to the perpetrator being arrested.

Then, Bumpous’s fiancée saw the Facebook post and recognized him.

She knew it was him. She contacted him and asked him if he robbed a bank. She advised him to turn himself in.

Bumpous took the advice of his fiancée to heart and decided to turn himself into the Houston County Courthouse confessing to his crimes.

Wallace said most of the cash was recovered along with clothes he threw out of his vehicle’s window during his escape, as well as the gun he had hidden.

Bumpous is in detention right now. He was charged with aggravated robbery. He confessed.  It will go to a grand jury and he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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