Andrew Levy, a real estate agent in Jupiter, said it was “crazy” for children to think about lunch money and paid the $994 debt. He is now working to raise funds to cover school costs throughout Palm Beach County, amounting to $50,000.

School children from public schools in Florida’s small town of Jupiter were about to go hungry because there was a lunch debt in the school system. But then Andrew Levy stepped in as he thought the food was something that children shouldn’t even think about. He paid off the school lunch debt of the whole town.

Now, in a number of schools in Palm Beach County, his noble act has started a fire that could pay off the lunch debt and has started a new debate on the issue. It started with a post shared by a resident of the city, Angie Vyas-Knight on the “Jupiter Mamas”  Facebook group, highlighting the plight of children who couldn’t afford to buy lunch at school.

She went to ask the school board of the Palm Beach County for the same statistics in the district. Angie got the details and released the information about nine schools in her city that had an outstanding $944.34 lunch debt. This list reached Andrew Levy a week later. Levy was appalled that children had to think about whether or not they were going to get food, instead of only concentrating on their studies. He decided to pay off the balance for all 400 children in full.

“I thought that’s crazy. Food is something you shouldn’t have to think about. Children shouldn’t learn hungry,” Levy said.

An idea sparked within him, though, with this noble act. Why only Jupiter schools? Nearby there were other schools that needed help as well, and Levy always wanted to do something for them. Why not pay off or at least try to pay off these school lunch money?

Schools in Palm Beach County have an outstanding lunch debt of around $50,000 with over 180,000 students in the county. While the sum is challenging, Levy is determined to tackle this issue, and he’s already made a great start.

He will do either a GoFundMe page or a fundraising page that can raise money every quarter, so lunch debt will never accumulate so children will never have to worry about a hot meal and parents will never have to worry about paying the bill. He also found a number of takers with over 200 people coming forward to help him on his Facebook page.

People can visit the website of the school district for more information about the fund collection.

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