To show support for President Trump, homeowner Jason Stanley of Plant City, Florida, used 15 gallons of paint to create a massive American flag display on his lawn.

“TRUMP 2020 U.S.A. Dedicated to all the fallen and active military and law enforcement,” a message below the flag reads.

Another message above the flag thanks Shelby and Sheldon from the Lowes in Plant City for helping with the patriotic artwork.

Jason Stanley told reporters he truly believes that if it wasn’t for soldiers and law enforcement being there for us and giving their lives on duty, he wouldn’t be able to do this. He made the flag in support of them and President Trump.

Stanley said the flag took about six hours to complete, using 15 gallons of marking paint.

“Without those people, we couldn’t take the time out of our lives,” Stanley commented. “The world is too ugly right now, the way people are — they don’t stop to think and cherish the things they have. One day isn’t enough to give thanks to those giving their lives.”

Last week, a 17-year-old Texas boy mowed an image of the American flag into their front yard, to honor a friend who was killed in action.

He used a weed eater to make the 50 stars in the top left corner of the flag and it took him about four hours to do it.

“It was a lot of work, but it was worth it”, said James.

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