A mother and a 5-year-old child are believed to be the victims of a double murder-suicide in New York City.

Jennifer Schlecht, 42, was found decapitated and holding her head in her lap in her Harlem home Wednesday night, Nov. 6, the New York Daily News reported. Her young daughter was found partially decapitated with a deep knife wound in her throat in her bedroom.

Schlecht’s husband, Yonathan Tedla, was reportedly found dead, hanging from the daughter’s bedroom door. Authorities reportedly believed that he committed suicide after killing his wife and daughter.

Sources told the newspaper that a knife, suspected to be the murder weapon, was found in the home.

Sources told the newspaper that the couple was going through a divorce and had a court date on Wednesday afternoon, hours before the bodies were discovered. The Schlecht’s worried brother called police at about 9:20 p.m. Wednesday when he was unable to reach his sister.

Responding officers then discovered the horrific scene inside a pricey building.

Neighbors did not appear to have any idea that Schlecht and Tedla were having trouble.

“It’s just unbelievable,” a neighbor told the newspaper. “They were an adorable family. Absolutely adorable.”