A man from Memphis, Tennessee, who was recorded unsuccessfully trying to back his wheelchair away from exploding fireworks has been given a new motorized chair since the video went viral.

Thankfully, when his wheelchair malfunctioned, Terry Davis wasn’t hurt, but his story is so much more according to WREG.

“Oh, people don’t know what I have to deal with on a daily basis,” Davis said.

Ten years ago, Davis suffered a severe spinal injury and he has struggled with many setbacks in trying to get a new chair.

But he turned the page to a new chapter in his story on Monday with the donation of a new wheelchair.

Quantum Rehab and Team Adaptive reached out to make it happen after learning that he needed a new wheelchair. A Quantum Rehab employee said, “It’s nice to work for a company that’s willing to give back and do something for folks who need it and deserve it.”

He now has a customized state-of-the-art chair designed specifically to satisfy the needs of his injuries. This will give Davis more mobility, and make his caretakers burden easier.

“That’s going to help my mother to get back and forth. Now she won’t have to go back and forth to get his things from Walmart,” his mother said, “It’s going to improve his life so much more.”

The family initially created a GoFundMe account for a new wheelchair. They’re using the money to buy a wheelchair accessible van for Davis and modifications to his home.

“I’m so happy that everybody helped make this come true for me,” he said.

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