Los Angeles police fatally shot a man wearing a bulletproof vest after he backed his vehicle, which was covered in religious statements, into a patrol car on Sunset Boulevard, reported by the New York Post.

The LAPD said in a statement on Sunday that their officers were responding to a call and going westbound on Sunset Boulevard around 2:30 p.m. with their sirens on and patrol lights blinking at the time of the incident.

According to the statement, the suspect’s car “suddenly pulled in front of them and stopped” as the officers approached the intersection of Sunset and Fairfax Avenue. The suspect “then placed his vehicle in reverse and ran into the police car.”

The driver, who was wearing body armor, exited the vehicle and approached the officers. According to the police, he said, “Three, two, one…” and started to draw his right hand from behind his back. The man was shot by at least one officer and was pronounced dead at the scene.

No weapon was found at the scene.


The man had not been publicly identified as of Sunday, April 25.

Detectives were also conducting interviews and collecting information near West Hollywood. There were no other specifics about the shooting available at the time.

The man’s sedan was covered in decals spelling out messages like “New World Order,” “Women Rule,” and “Cancel all Bibles,” as well as the numbers 333 and 666, KTLA-TV reported.

According to photos from the scene, the car was also covered in statements in adhesive letters — all the Ts were upside down — that listed Jesus, Mary, and the illuminati.

One segment read, “I’m Truman. I’m Satan lost angel of Holywood [sic].”

Another part said, “Jesus Christ is my son he is black” as seen in the photographs.

The other section read, “Mary is my wife we created this world not God,” before adding, “Mary is Illuminati.”

“New world order where women rule” was mentioned in another slogan.

“I’m a rockstar Jesus Christ is my son he is Black. Ur all in my matrix. Free my son Satan,” could also be seen on the car.

Bodycams were being reviewed as part of the investigation into the shooting.

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