A suspected thief was charged with robbing two New York City banks the day after he was released without bail under the Empire State’s justice reform law.

Brooklyn resident Jonathan Desir did not waste a moment when the New York justice system turned him loose on Aug. 4.

The failed bank robber did not check in with his court-appointed supervisor. He decided to use his freedom to visit the Midtown TD Bank on Eighth Avenue instead.

After handing the teller an intimidating note, the poor employee was so “paralyzed with fear” he quickly handed $1,100 to Desir who made off with the money.

The 26-year-old thought he would strike again, this time at the Citibank branch on Broadway–about two blocks away. However, his luck ran out when employees activated a silent alarm.

New York Police Department (NYPD) officers quickly apprehended the repeat offender. He was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny and third-degree attempted robbery. He was detained on $25,000 cash bail, or $50,000 bond, at the Riker’s Island Jail Complex–10 miles northeast of downtown Manhattan.

This is not the first time Desir experienced trouble with the law. NYPD arrested him for trying to rob the Midtown TD Bank on Ninth Avenue on Aug. 3. He was initially charged with third-degree attempted robbery according to the New York Post.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office decided the charge was not suitable for bail under the state’s new justice reform legislation, and released Desir under court-ordered supervision.

He was scheduled to appear in court for the first attempted robbery on August 9, and the other robberies on Sept. 20.

NYPD separately released surveillance footage showing an African American man repeatedly punching and kicking another man in the head until he loses consciousness in Brooklyn.

The attacker, who wears a mask and gray hoodie, can be seen searching through the victim’s pant pockets on July 24. The assailant then runs west on Pitkin Avenue.

Police confirmed the 68-year-old victim suffered a broken wrist and nose. He reported a missing cellphone and silver necklace.

The suspect’s identity was unknown at the time of publication, and a $3,500 reward has been offered for any information that leads to arrest.

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