A growing number of aged care facilities experienced a jump in infections despite residents and workers already being immunized against the deadly disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating why a Kentucky nursing home suddenly reported 46 cases of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus, even though residents at the facility were fully vaccinated two weeks earlier.

CDC confirmed 26 residents and 20 workers caught the CCP Virus even though and 69 and 20 per cent of them had respectively been administered the jab before being infected.

The center blamed eight residents and 16 workers for failing to be fully vaccinated, and other facilities reported similar experiences. According to recent CDC research, so-called breakthrough infections have occurred among vaccinated people in Chicago nursing homes. Three residents were infected and died, including two who were unvaccinated.

During the first two weeks of May, 472 nursing home deaths were linked to the CCP Virus. This represented nearly a 96 percent decrease from the 10,675 death toll reported in the first two weeks of January, according to federal data obtained by the Associated Press.

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) admitted there is no guarantee aged care facilities will not experience outbreaks, even if they are fully immunized against the deadly disease.

“There is this notion among some that vaccines were administered in long term care, so we are done–and that would be a perilous mistake,” AHCA Chief Medical Officer David Gifford said in a statement.

Gifford urged authorities to keep vaccinating the elderly until the pandemic is over.

“We need federal and state public health officials to continue to prioritize long term care for vaccine allocations and other support for the foreseeable future, and until this virus is eradicated,” he said.

However, Humans Are Free suspects the CCP Virus vaccines simply “do not work as claimed,” since those who were vaccinated can still be infected by others who did not receive the jab.

“If they did then vaccinated people would not be contracting the Wuhan (CCP) virus from the unvaccinated, because they would already be immune to it,” reporter Ethan Huff reported.

Huff believes the most urgent question the CDC should answer is why did unvaccinated people not become sick too.

“Would not these unvaccinated visitors also be sick, and why are only vaccinated people getting sick with the Chinese (CCP) Virus?” he said.

He speculates the CDC and other authorities think more people would vaccinate themselves, if they saw elderly, young and other vulnerable loved ones die from the disease even after receiving the jab.

“They always use the elderly, the young and other vulnerable groups as the emotional, heart-tugging bait to push the next stage of medical fascism,” he said. “They want us all to feel sorry for the old people dying from ‘covid’ (CCP Virus) that we all rush out to get injected again, and again, and again–until the media tells us that ‘herd immunity’ has been reached.”

Huff concluded the vaccine’s spike proteins caused the CCP Virus to spread among vaccinated people.

“You would be better off signing up for sitting on death row rather than take the jab,” one reader told the Natural News website. “You would grow to a ripe old age going through all the appeals, in comparison to this speedy death sentence.”

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