California authorities are questioning two individuals suspected of looting a luxury fashion store on Nov. 19.

San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) wants to know why two masked men allegedly ransacked and robbed the Louis Vuitton store at Union Square. More than 12 other accused burglars previously targeted the same business.

“[Shortly after 8 p.m. officers] observed several suspects involved in criminal acts,” an SFPD representative said according to the Daily Mail.

Multiple suspects were spotted rushing through the neighborhood carrying various clothes and bags.

Surveillance footage shows police chasing one suspected thief to a parked car. Officers can be seen striking the car window with their batons. They remove the suspect from the vehicle and make the arrest on the sidewalk. Several more suspects were also apprehended.

A county supervisor confirmed six people were arrested, and none were injured at the time of publication.

SFPD recorded 810 burglaries or attempted burglaries as of Oct. 31. This represents a 13 percent jump on the same period in 2020.

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