A team of police officers was dispatched to handle an “upset parent,” instead of an allegation of student rape at a Loudoun County school.

According to broadcast reports from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, Stone Bridge High School staff members failed to move quickly enough to assist police specialists in an alleged rape on May 28.

However, three calls to police were finally made, one of which was labeled “upset parent.”

The sheriff’s office reported there were no 911 calls from the school.

According to “dispatch” logs, the FBI contacted at 7:21 p.m. and “asked about the incident at Stone Bridge HS,” which was discovered via previous reports.

However, the agent replied that it “would not require their help” when informed that “it was a sexual assault investigation.”

Furthermore, no reference of rape was included in Principal Tim Flynn’s email to the public at 4:48 p.m.

“There was an incident in the main office area today that required the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to dispatch deputies to Stone Bridge.” Then, “There was no threat to the safety of the student body.”

On June 22, Scott Smith, the victim’s father, was detained at a school board hearing after becoming enraged by Loudoun Superintendent Scott Zeigler’s false statements.

Smith, the victim’s parent, previously told The Daily Wire that he was aghast to find the incident being handled only by people who worked at the school full-time—with the SRO seeming to take direction from the principal—rather than a team of police officers one would expect to find processing a major crime scene. He became irate.

At a meeting the same day, Zeigler stated that he had no information about sex attacks in restrooms.

The school system also notified that there were no sexual assault cases in the school in the report sent to the state of Virginia.

The superintendent later admitted that he had misunderstood the question during a school board meeting. He also acknowledged the “error” in reporting it to the state.

According to Smith, police were called to the workplace to handle concerns about the parent creating a disturbance, not the rape charges.

He claimed that the police team felt convinced that what had happened was a severe occurrence that needed immediate care once on site. They then accompanied Smith’s family to the clinic, where a rape kit was provided.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) radioed at 1:33 p.m. on May 28 that he “was briefed by assistant principal of a student that has made allegations of being possibly raped or touched unwanted by another student a couple of hours ago.”

“Investigating at this time and parents are and have been notified at this time by admin.” the SRO, who works full-time at the school but is officially employed by the sheriff’s office, said.

The SRO then conducted a nearly hour-long investigation without involving any outside police personnel.

Three police calls are finally placed at 2:21, 2:28, and 2:30 p.m., one asking a supervisor, one requesting “another unit,” and one labeled “upset parent.”

The suspected rape suspect was transferred to another school. He was detained on Oct. 6 for allegedly assaulting another female in the classroom.

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