Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is worried about an increase in crimes that may occur after the release of 4,276 prisoners, trying to prevent infection by the CCP (Communist Party of China) virus.

Villanueva said he preferred to release 25% of the inmates to preserve the health security of the others, according to his statement to FOX-11 on April 14.

“We have approximately 1,200 murder suspects currently in jail, that’s greater than the entire population of some jail system,” Villanueva said of the overcrowding in his department.

However, he fears that once the crisis caused by the pandemic, which the Chinese communist regime concealed for weeks, is over, crime in the county of 10 million people will increase.

Villanueva has been involved in other controversial actions during his tenure, such as when he and California Gov. Gavin Newsom and two other state officials ordered the forced closure of gun shops in the state because of the CCP Virus pandemic.

That time the National Rifle Association (NRA) sued the officials involved in the closure, claiming a violation of their constitutional rights.

“Californians cannot exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms without such businesses” the plaintiffs stated, adding, “Shuttering access to arms necessarily shutters the constitutional right to those arms.”

Villanueva was removed from the position of chief of emergency operations of the county, by the county’s board of supervisors.

This removal highlights the growing friction between Villanueva and the board.

Villanueva called the move “a brazen attempt to consolidate power” within the board.

He also charged that the board’s action would add an “unneeded layer of bureaucracy to life-or-death matters,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

In response, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said the sheriff’s role was to enforce the law.

“This is not about him,” Kuehl said. “It’s really about the safety of the 10 million people in L.A. County,” recalling that the board of supervisors was elected by residents to carry out those duties.

The state of California has more than 27,000 confirmed cases of CCP Virus infections and more than 800 deaths.

As of April 13, the United States had one of the lowest mortality rates in relation to its entire population, compared to other countries, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the measures taken to protect its inhabitants.

Los Angeles releases 4,276 prisoners at risk of CCP Virus and fears a crime wave
Fatalities per million inhabitants in several countries, caused by the CCP Virus.

The errors of the World Health Organization (WHO) in its reports and the insistence of the Democrats in their impeachment of President Donald Trump, delayed the earliest application of the security strategies.

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