Though Sylvester Stallone is considered friendly with former President Donald Trump, the actor has remained silent on whether he voted for him.

Following news that Stallone had entered Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort after purchasing a $35 million compound near the former president’s home in Palm Beach, Florida, people on Twitter expressed surprise, alarm, and even disgust. A boycott of Sylvester Stallone’s films has been raised.

In response to the Conservative Opinion report, comments included:

  • “Why are these men attracted to Trump?”
  • “How disappointing. No more Sylvester Stallone movies, no more references to Rocky.”
  • “Damn shame. I was looking forward to showing my kids the Rocky movies. Now I’m conflicted as hell about it.”
  • “One bad actor deserves another”
  • “Not watching any more movies with Stallone in them. I thought his plastic surgery left him pretty hideous looking but buddying up with trump? That’s a real low!”

Facing rumors to the contrary, Stallone’s publicist clarified on Tuesday that he is not a part of Trump’s opulent Florida resort.

Michelle Bega, Stallone’s representative, explained to The Hollywood Reporter that “contrary to media reports and rumors, Sylvester Stallone is officially not a member of the Mar-a-Lago Club. He did not join the organization. He did not pay initiation dues.”

How about this misleading and false Tweet from the Daily Mail:

According to Bega, Stallone was at Mar-a-Lago for a fundraiser luncheon, and it was wrongly thought that he was a participant when news got out about his presence. Shortly after the event, news outlets picked up on Stallone’s presence, leading everyone from Fox News to The Hill to Twitter to believe that the actor was making a very public declaration of support.

“Sylvester Stallone joined Mar A Lago, but more importantly, will he pose for pictures with other members pretending he is socking them in the jaw because boxing?” Chris Regan, writer for “Daily Show,” tweeted.

“Today’s Hollywood scoring: Will Smith is a hero, and Sylvester Stallone is a zero. Smith and Apple Studios pull out of a film project in Georgia. Stallone supports criminal ex-president by joining Mar-a-Lago. Thank you, Will. Shameful Sly. Let’s spread the word,”  said MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner.

In a statement obtained by the PA news agency, Michelle Bega also said: “Sylvester Stallone has never been and is not now a member of Mar-a-Lago as has been falsely reported. He was an invited dinner guest at the Club but is not himself a member there.”

Stallone, meanwhile, is a member of the nearby Breakers Palm Beach, according to Bega.

Stallone responded to the allegations on social media, calling them “not true.”

“I would like to say to everyone that this never happened,” he said. “This is just not true. It NEVER ever happened. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I’m simply not a member. So Keep Punching Folks.”

Stallone has been confirmed as not featuring in the Rocky spin-off Creed III, which Michael B Jordan will both direct and star in.

For the first two Creed films, Stallone reprised his role as Rocky Balboa.