In an attempt to instill the perverse idea that children can change their gender, one of the world’s best-known cereal companies, Kellogg, this month launched an edition of its cereal in a box designed in the colors of the LGBT community. It even has a quiz on the back where it encourages children to choose their preferred “pronoun.”

A Twitter user posted a video of a woman explaining the new edition of the cereal for kids.

In the video, the woman complains: “Kellogg has released a cereal that is based on the LGBTQ pride and on the side of the box it is asking your children to pick their pronoun.

“Because there is nothing like a little bit of woke propaganda and indoctrination to go along with your kids’ morning bowl of cereal.

“And just in case your children don’t subscribe to he/him, she/her they/them, there is a little slot to add their own pronoun.”

Kellogg’s partnered with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) and will donate $3 from each $4 ‘gay pride’ themed box.

Kellogg’s, which is based in Battle Creek, Michigan, also launched a cereal with GLAAD in 2018 to help celebrate the group’s annual Spirit Day, which seeks to raise awareness around LGBT youth bullying, pro LGBT media reported.

“We believe that all young people and those young at heart deserve an environment where they can grow up to be their best selves,” the caption on the box reads according to Life Site.

Virtue signaling but leaving out the consumer

The term ‘virtue signaling’ refers to corporate decisions that attempt to follow fashion or trends but often have catastrophic consequences for companies.

One reason is that the fashion or trend is dictated by social media, the mainstream media used by personalities or celebrities who amass large followings. However, the actual mass of people, the customers who consume these products, are often not represented in these trends or fads.

Furthermore, the intention behind being “woke” is to avoid being attacked by the radical leftist online mob that seeks to cancel out anyone who does not kneel to their ideology.

The NBA is living proof that virtue signaling doesn’t “sell.”

After many American basketball league players began kneeling when it was time for the American national anthem, a way of protesting and showing support for the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, NBA ratings dropped precipitously.

The 2020 season finals with ‘stars’ LeBron James and Anthony Davis had the worst ratings in NBA history.

The first finals only attracted 7.4 million viewers, and the second finals only about 4.5 million, which, compared to 2019, dropped 68% in total viewers.

Subsequent polls revealed that Americans don’t want a sport they watch for entertainment to try to fill their heads with political propaganda, especially not the idea that America is a racist country.

At least 40% of respondents said they stopped watching the NBA and other leagues that did similar things because they found them “too political.”

Now, imagine what parents who usually buy cereal for their innocent and pure children will do when they see Kellogg trying to instill gender ideology in them?

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