In another show that confirms that the rules imposed by Twitter on “disinformation” apply only in one direction, yesterday a publication containing a manipulated image that intended to show a series of text messages between Rudy Giuliani and Ivanka Trump went viral. The image was retweeted by, among others, Rachel Maddow, the leftist journalist from MSNBC, but Twitter did not act to censor the publication. 

According to Breitbart, a Democratic student named Nick Roberts reported via Twitter that he successfully misled Rudy Giuliani. Roberts claimed that he misled the former New York mayor into believing that his texts were actually by Ivanka Trump.

Seeking to prove that his claim was true, he posted an altered image of a text message exchange between him and Giuliani. 

A few hours later, the posting accumulated tens of thousands of responses and visits on Twitter. As a result, Roberts had to delete the post and admit that the image was false, even though the damage had already been done. “I decided to delete my tweet parody of Rudy Giuliani. I apologize to everyone who took it seriously,” Roberts said.

Roberts’s posting was shared by, among others, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow, contributing editor of Politico David Freedlander, the Center for American Progress’ “Trump-Russia” expert Max Bergmann and many others who are sympathetic to anti-Trump policies.

Despite having produced fake material that went viral by thousands of people, with direct involvement in the upcoming election, Roberts’s account was not penalized in any way by Twitter.

It’s really no longer surprising that the popular platform is so open to dictatorial leaders and murderers, who can freely publish on the web without suffering any kind of censorship.

Such is the case, for example, of Nicolás Maduro, the dictator who is the heir to the regime of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, who according to recent reports, his government and the security forces have been involved in a variety of brutal torture tactics ranging from electric shocks, genital mutilation, asphyxiation and even the death of political dissidents. However, Maduro continues to tweet regularly from his official account @NicolasMaduro.

Another example is Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who has become one of the most powerful Iranian leaders of the century, exercising control over all aspects of the country’s government, military and media. He is also accused of governing his country on the basis of censorship, imprisonment and murder of dissidents. Khamenei continues to publish freely on the platform.

Both the Twitter and Facebook platforms were at the center of criticism over the past week after both prevented the sharing of an NY Post article showing alleged communication between the son of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and an advisor to Ukrainian energy company Burisma that involves them in a huge global corruption case. 

According to Fox News, Twitter has blocked the account of the historic New York Post on Wednesday, refusing to unblock it unless the media removes six tweets about its reports about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

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