The leading conservative members of the House encouraged President Donald Trump to “exhaust all resources” to denounce the election fraud in the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) and his colleague Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), respectively the outgoing and incoming chairs of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), agreed that evidence showing widespread fraud should be presented.

The two spoke on Dec. 2 with Robert Doar, president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

“I’m a constitutional lawyer, and I’ve spoken with the president about this over the last couple of weeks, encouraging him to exhaust all the legal remedies because it is so critically important,” said Johnson. He chaired the RSC during the current 116th Congress.

“The distinction between this election and all previous ones is you didn’t have this level of fraud alleged in so many places at one time,” he added.

Johnson described, “I am literally getting text messages right now while we’re talking, constituents, on the phone about this subject, saying, ‘Stand with the president, make sure the election is fair.’”

Founded in 1973, the RSC is the largest group of conservative Republicans in Congress. Among its slogans is the establishment of limited government, strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

Banks said, “When Nancy Pelosi took the gavel from the speaker, and the Democrats took the majority in January 2019, they symbolically introduced their first bill, HR1. That meant this was their top priority legislation.”

“This was long before COVID, long before the pandemic. H.R.1 was a piece of legislation that would nationalize elections and push all states toward mail-in ballots. This was their strategy two years ago,” Banks explained.

It is worth mentioning that the HR1 bill of 2019 was passed on March 8 of that same year by 234 votes to 193, following strict partisan lines (Democrats for and Republicans against).

Banks explained, that the Democratic majority in the House expanded mail voting “to their advantage.”

“There are things that we should do; we should look at ways we can create standards for mail-in ballots, if not altogether eliminate them to preserve the integrity and security of elections,” he said.

President Trump’s campaign legal team continues to collect evidence of what it considers to be widespread election fraud and to file lawsuits.

On Tuesday, the president brought a suit to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court for the annulment of 220,000 votes received against the state’s legal provisions.

According to the legal team, the evidence shows a “lack of transparency and credibility of local election officials and their deliberate disregard for the law on multiple occasions.”

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