The name Hunter Biden seems to be a taboo subject for many cable TV hosts, a George Washington University law professor argued as big media dismissed allegations of corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

Jonathan Turley, law professor and contributor for The Hill, discussed in an opinion piece how “the mere mention of [Hunter Biden’s] name seemingly triggers the vapors among cable TV hosts and their guests.”

Turley cited examples of MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace straying from President Trump’s speech when he started mentioning the Bidens; NBC’s Chuck Todd accusing Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) of attempting to “gaslight” viewers by simply noting the Bidens when answering a question about Ukraine; as well as CNN’s Erin Burnett changing the topic to President Trump when Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) brought up the Bidens’ names.

“For news shows on MSNBC, CNN, and other cable networks, nothing is more disgusting than the mention of what Hunter Biden actually was doing in Ukraine,” Turley wrote.

“What is most remarkable about the paucity of coverage of Hunter Biden’s dealings,” Turley adds, “is the conclusory mantra that, ‘This has all been investigated.’”

“Indeed, the Biden campaign has been remarkably open in demanding that news organizations stop airing interviews or publishing articles about the allegations,” Turley said, explaining, “The Biden campaign calls such coverage ‘conspiracy theories’” instead of “fake news.”

Turley noted how unusual it is for big media to turn from Hunter Biden given the suspicious nature of his dealings in Ukraine, as well as his father Joe Biden’s involvement in his business.

“There is, however, that other problem of Hunter Biden landing a windfall contract with one of Ukraine’s most corrupt figures after his father took charge of potentially billions of U.S. loans and aid for Ukraine. That is what no one seems to want to discuss,” he analyzed. “Hunter Biden had no experience in the field—but he did have a notable connection to the vice president, who publicly has bragged about making clear to the Ukrainians that he alone controlled U.S. aid to the country.”

“Joe Biden has insisted he never spoke with his son about his foreign dealings—an incredible but categorical statement. The then-vice president flew with his son on Air Force Two on an official trip to China but suggests they never discussed his son’s deal seeking $1.5 billion in investments with the state-backed Bank of China. During the trip, Hunter reportedly introduced his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li, who was part of that deal. Yet Biden insists he was never told of any business linkage or dealings,” Turley wrote.

Turley believes that the probability for Joe Biden not knowing anything about Hunter’s Ukraine dealings is slim to none, given Hunter himself reportedly brought up the topic to his father.

“If true, Biden was, at a minimum, willfully blind not to ask his son about potential conflicts or controversies,” Turley speculated. “But it does not appear to be true, at least in part—because Hunter Biden has said he informed his father about the Ukraine deal.”

Joe Biden’s campaign later asked Facebook, Twitter ,and Google to take down Trump’s ads that referenced Hunter Biden’s contracts. The campaign also demanded that networks stop airing interviews with Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, a key player in the investigation of Biden’s Ukraine dealings.

Facebook then explained in writing that it does not plan to send politicians’ posts or ads to third-party fact checkers. It also said that politicians are not allowed to share previously debunked viral material in ads, but their direct speech is ineligible for fact-checking, Reuters reports.

YouTube and Twitter both told Reuters that the ad was not in violation of their policies.