New employees of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department must prove having been vaccinated against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19, as seen on the department’s application page for joining the department. Only in a few rare exceptions will you be able to join the police force without being vaccinated.

In the document, you can see in the fine print the following “LVMPD is requiring all new hire employees to be vaccinated and to show proof of vaccination for COVID-19 prior to being hired.”

On the other hand, they claim to offer equal opportunity and make no distinctions based on race, religion, sex, political affiliation, and other characteristics. They hire people based on merit and fitness.

The two statements show great contradictions since people who are not inoculated with the experimental vaccines against the CCP Virus will be discriminated against and will not get jobs in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department even though they may be those with the best merit and physical aptitude.

The department told Breitbart News, the few exceptions are for religious issues that will be investigated by the Office of Workplace Diversity and for health issues related to allergies that will go through the Health and Safety Section for verification.

This move by the Las Vegas department stands in stark contrast to the efforts being made by several states to waive the requirement for vaccine passports.

The best-known case is that of Florida Governor Ron Desantis, who has been waging a fierce fight against the use of these passports.

On April 2, he signed an executive order banning the use of vaccine passports in the entire state of Florida. 

He signed the order seeking to protect the freedoms of Floridians so that individual choices are respected. People are not divided between vaccinated and unvaccinated. It prohibits all government agencies, subsidiaries, and retailers from requiring people to have a health passport or any similar documentation to prove they are vaccinated to enter a store or perform an everyday business transaction.

Another governor following the same path as De Santis is Greg Abbott of Texas. On April 6, he also signed an executive order banning vaccination passports in Texas.

He claimed that no Texan would be required to present proof of vaccination or disclose personal medical details to continue with their ordinary activities in signing the order. 

Abbott said the vaccination campaign would continue but without stepping on the freedom of each individual to decide to be vaccinated or not.

Abbott took action after Gov. Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) followed Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) in opposing the so-called vaccination passport, which shows someone’s vaccination record.

For many Texans, the executive order signed by the governor falls short because it only protects government employees or those paid with government budgets but does not prevent private companies from pressuring their employees and even fire them if they don’t obey the employers’ mandate to get vaccinated.

For this reason, a big campaign is underway to prohibit companies from continuing to abuse employees by forcing them to get vaccinated.

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