Former President Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has a high potential for taking the Senate seat of North Carolina in 2020. Her name is heading a poll of GOP candidates in the state despite no official announcement of actually entering the race.

The seat is left vacant as Republican Senator Richard Burr is retiring from the position and not seeking reelection.

Lara Trump, former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, is a North Carolina native. She keeps teasing on her bid for the position but has not officially joined the race. Meanwhile, the expectation for her to land in Washington D.C. is relatively high should she do so. 

The former president’s daughter-in-law is leading a poll, collected by The Hill from Republican polling company Cygnal, with a double-digit advantage over the other potential rivals. Scoring more than 12 points ahead of other GOP candidates, she received 32.4 percent of the vote in an eight-way primary. 

“… A Trump-endorsed candidate for an open Senate seat in a state Trump won who’s also named Trump has a humongous advantage,” said Kellyanne Conway, former Trump aide, who was his counselor during his presidency. 

Lara Trump has proclaimed on Fox News that she is considering running. On March 29, she told the outlet that “I still haven’t officially made a decision” and “hopefully sometime soon” when answering on her intentions for the Senate bid. 

Meanwhile, the North Carolina Senate seat is coveted by several candidates, including Rep. Mark Walker and Jen Banwart of Raleigh on the GOP side, and North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, former state Sen. Erica Smith, state Sen. Jeff Jackson and virologist Richard Watkins on the Democratic side.

Additionally, three-term U.S. Rep. Ted Budd also expressed his interest in joining the race recently, but he said he would back down if his rivals include Lara Trump.

“He’s been talking to her. He hasn’t ceded his decision making to her, but if she got in, he wouldn’t run,” Budd’s campaign consultant, Michael Luethy told News and observer.

According to Luethy, Budd and Lara are in discussion over the Senate seat.

“That said, she could enter the race in October, and he could have been running for six months or so. It’s been a friendly conversation. He’s been trying to give her some space to make up her mind, too, while he’s working through his process separately.”

News and observer also reviewed that the conservative group Club for Growth is hesitant to choose if both Lara and Budd become rivals. “It would be best if they weren’t both running,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

Former President Trump is said to be expectant about his daughter-in-law’s possible run for the North Carolina Senate seat.

“He just mentions how good he thinks that she would be but then says she’s working out whether she’s going to do it or not,” McIntosh told the outlet. “He’s very proud of her and obviously loves his family. That comes across in spades whenever the subject comes up.”

“He has long admired Lara’s ability to connect and communicate with voters,” said Kellyanne Conway.

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