According to a poll, Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, obtained a double-digit superiority as possible senator of North Carolina against her immediate opponent, even without running for the position.

The results show Lara Trump’s favorability at 32.4% against the eight primary candidates, according to The Hill’s April 13 report. 

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson came in second place with 20.1%, a percentage difference in her favor is 12.3%. 

Looking at the results from another approach, Trump obtained the highest net favorability rating, with 66.6%. In comparison, second place went to former lieutenant governor Dan Forest with 64%, and third place went to Robinson. The other participants all scored below 50%, according to republican party polling company Cygnal.

The candidates will be vying for the seat of retiring Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.) next year. 

The poll also surveyed voters’ opinions on other issues finding that former President Trump’s rating running at 86% in favor. 

Likewise, 68.8% were “very favorable” toward him. In this context, 83% of Republicans urge Republican candidates to remain loyal to Donald Trump.

In other data, 54.7% of those interviewed indicated that former President Trump was more important to them than the Republican Party itself. 

For now, Lara Trump’s silence about running for office is uncomfortable for the other potential candidates since her candidacy would radically change their political strategy. 

Lara has wide public recognition, given her proximity to the former president, for whom she acted as one of his primary surrogates and advisors. 

Last month, she began acting as a Fox News anchor, further reinforcing her presence in the public arena. 

Lara interviewed her father-in-law on Fox News on March 30. In the interview, Donald Trump expressed the possibility of running for president again in 2024, without being definitive. 

“You do have hope that I can tell you. We love our country,” Trump responded to Lara when she said that she and her supporters hoped to see him back on the campaign trail.

He added: “This country, we all owe a lot to our country, but now we have to help our country,” Trump emphasized. He referred to several blunders committed by President Joe Biden during the few weeks of his tenure in the White House.

He also referred to the censorship of the media and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Facebook censored the Lara Trump interview with Donald Trump on Fox News and threatened her with further sanctions if she insisted on publishing more about Trump.

“Lara Trump reports that Facebook is banning her from posting videos of the former president of the free United States and threatening her with removal as well. Big Tech oligarchs exercising raw power to silence their political opponents is utterly terrifying to observe,” reported netizen @MZHemingway

In this way, Facebook and the other tech companies keep conservative voices out of the public eye to prevent them from unmasking their leftist agenda, which most Americans reject. 

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