At a press conference at the White House, on Friday, Nov. 20, President Trump announced new regulations to reduce the price of drugs for Americans and targeted Big Pharma for delaying the CCP Virus vaccine in an attempt to affect his re-election.

“Pfizer and others even decided not to assess the results of their vaccine, in other words, not come out with a vaccine, until just after the election,” Trump said.

The president said that the big pharmaceutical companies had everything ready for October but decided to postpone it, according to Breitbart.

“So they waited and waited and waited, and they thought they’d come out with it a few days after the election, and it would have probably had an impact, who knows, maybe it wouldn’t have,” Trump said. “I’m sure they would have found the ballots someplace … the Democrats.”

The president signed an executive order on Sept. 13, to end the corrupt practice of pharmaceutical companies inflating the prices of drugs in American public health plans.

Since that executive order, his administration moved to make three regulations that Trump announced on Friday a reality:

  1. Public health plans (Medicaid or Medicare) will pay the same prices as favored nations. For example, Americans currently pay $540 for the same insulin that Mexicans pay $17 (Mexico being a favored nation), because drug companies inflate prices in private health plans to sell them more expensively and in greater quantity on Medicare/Medicaid.
  2. Eliminate the “middlemen” who get rich by keeping the money of the discounts on the drugs. Intermediaries (middlemen) are agents who sell drugs in bulk but keep the discount money instead of applying it to the final price paid by patients. This discount money will go to the patients now.
  3. A third reform announced by Trump will end a controversial program called the Non-Approved Drug Initiative, which allowed companies to take rivals to generic drugs off the market, the New York Post reported.

“Together, these reforms will save American patients many many billions of dollars every single year,” he said. “For generations, the American people have been abused by big Pharma and their army of lawyers, lobbyists and bought-and-paid-for politicians.”

Trump’s four years in the White House have been characterized by policies focused on the well-being of the people, the economy of the country and emphasizing the nation’s Judeo-Christian values, which won him the hearts of the people.

Being politically incorrect has cost him big corporations, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Silicon Valley giants whose role has been to destroy the morality of the people by promoting atheism, materialism, constant brainwashing with leftist propaganda, flooding the country with illegal immigration, and ruining the economy by moving jobs to China.

“We had Big Pharma against us, we had the media against us, we had Big Tech against us. We had a lot of dishonesty against us,” Trump said.

Nevertheless, there is abundant evidence that Trump won the presidential election by a huge margin, clearly indicating that the American people have once again chosen the man who will lead America back to the path of tradition and virtue.

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