National Right to Work Committee Chairman Mark Mix pressured U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to reject his ties to corrupt union leaders.

Mix appears to have alluded to former United Auto Workers (UAW) President Gary Jones, a Democrat who was found guilty of embezzlement, blackmail, and tax evasion, according to The Washington Free Beacon of July 17.

Jones squandered more than $1 million of union funds on expensive cigars, premium alcohol, fancy dinners, vacations, golf outings, and clothing.

Mix sent a statement to Biden, suggesting that he give priority to workers rather than corrupt union leaders.

“Put the rights of workers above the demands of union bosses” was one of the points highlighted by Mix in his letter to Jones. 

“It seems as though UAW officials are deliberately stalling in a clinical ploy to ‘run out the clock’ on the Trump Justice Department, in the hopes that your administration will let them off the hook,” Mix said, adding that it is the expectation of officials that they would be driven to squander millions in association funds intended for the welfare of workers.

The UAW leaders have a long history of corruption, including a five-year investigation that convicted 11 of them and spent $2.3 million on legal aid.

Among those convicted is former DNC vice president and delegate Norwood Jewell, who admitted to bribing Fiat Chrysler executives.

What is striking is that in the face of these outrageous results, Biden said he is “proud to stand with the UAW.”

Corruption is a scourge that persists around Biden and his son Hunter, who are involved in multimillion-dollar businesses in Ukraine and China, developed when Biden was vice president of the United States.

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