A survey has indicated that more than half of the U.S. citizens are now convinced that the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, is an incubated product from a Chinese lab that found its way outside to wreak world havoc.

The Fox News poll that extended between June 19 and June 22 reviewed that only 31% of American respondents were still stuck on the Chinese narrative that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus came from natural courses, whereas 60% others preferred the lab-leak theory to explain its origin.

Before President Joe Biden and White House health advisor Dr. Fauci turned to show their openness for a thorough investigation into the real source of the CCP Virus in late May, all allegations around its potentially engineered background were dubbed conspiracy theory and bluntly censored on social media as disinformation.

According to the poll, it seemed that the vaccinated citizens were more conscious of getting infected by the CCP Virus in public. This is demonstrated by their low confidence in going to restaurants and stores compared to the unvaccinated, whose percentage was 11% greater than the vaccinated (38%).

Fifty-one percent of voters overall thought employers should be allowed to demand their staff to get vaccinated. The Democrats who backed the idea occupied nearly twice the amount of the Republicans (69 vs. 37 percent), and the vaccinated people were three times greater than the unvaccinated in supporting it (70 vs. 17 percent).

At least when it comes to customers, the proportions slightly favored more respect of personal freedom, with 49% disapproving of the importance of providing proof of vaccination status to access services whereas 44% others backed the idea. 

Yet again, similar trends repeated considering who may support the requirement, with the Democrats and the Republicans respectively divided by 60 and 31 percent. In contrast, it was 60 vs. 14 percent between the vaccinated and unvaccinated voters.

How about President Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic? 

The Fox News poll showed that Americans were pretty content with what he has done so far, with a wide margin of 64-34 percent. But the views reversed when the poll asked about his reaction to China, with only 39% of the voters approved Biden while 54% others opposed.