Actress Kirstie Alley blasted the left-wing tastemakers of Hollywood over their disdain for President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The “Cheers” actress said in a tweet on Friday, Sept. 6, that the insular attitude of Hollywood to politics was a type of hypocrisy.

“I refuse to be part of the Hollywood [expletive] who can’t see that ‘NOT working with Republicans’ is as stupid and NASTY as ‘REFUSING to do business with gay people,’ she wrote on Twitter. “STOP ACTING above the FRAY ya damn hypocrites…WE are the same species! let’s help each OTHER ya damn yahoos.”

Alley’s call for unity comes as Hollywood progressives continue to ramp up their attacks on Trump and his supporters. Debra Messing and Eric McCormack, co-stars of “Will & Grace,” demanded last week that the identities of those attending next month’s fundraiser for President Donald Trump be made public.

Sixty-eight-year-old Alley, who lately featured on the British reality series “Celebrity Big Brother,” is one of the few people in Hollywood to stand out as a Republican elector. In 2016, despite having earlier voted for Barack Obama, she stated that then-candidate Trump was “waking the country up” and continued to officially endorse him, according to Breitbart.

“Donald Trump, whether you like him or you don’t like him, is waking this country up,” she said at the time. “If you hate him, you’re going to talk about how much you hate him. If you love him, you’re going to talk about how much you love him.”

The Golden Globe winner, however, argues that she is much more interested in causes of human rights than in partisan politics.

“People recently think I’m some kind of devout Republican, which I’m not…neither am I a devout Democrat,” she said this weekend. “The only thing you could accurately accuse me of would be being a devout human rights advocate … that’s the extent of it.”

A couple days ago, veteran actor Robert Davi disclosed how power brokers from Hollywood repeatedly offered him “everything” in return for giving up his support for President Donald Trump.

“I’ve been offered, by other people in the industry, at certain points, to denounce Trump, and they said, ‘What do you want?’” said Davi. “They said, ‘What do you want? You’d be on every talk show, everything. You want to do stuff?’”

“It’s happened so many times, people have told me: ‘The director wanted to use you, but it knows he can’t.’ That happens to several,” he explained. “I’m not complaining about it. It’s just something that I wish the elder of Hollywood, like Norman Lear and Clint Eastwood—opposing points of view—would call a meeting and say, ‘You know what, we shouldn’t be doing this in Hollywood.’”

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