With a proven track record of a clear intention to disparage the reputation of the Trump administration, a House Oversight and Reform subcommittee orchestrated a hearing on Wednesday, July 10, titled Kids in Cages for the legacy media to shock the country with emotional testimony from a young mother. Yazmin Juárez subjected her infant child to unknown dangers by embarking on a perilous journey all the way from Guatemala to illegally enter the United States. They were detained by a Customs and Border Patrol overwhelmed with record numbers of other illegal aliens. Ranking Republican Rep. Chip Roy, of Texas first shared his condolences to the mother for the loss of her child and then his frustration with how the hearing title actually works to prevent Congress from solving the border crisis.

Roy said, “Ms. Juarez, on behalf of this committee, all the members here, the entire House of Representatives, there are no words that we can possibly share with you about the loss of your little girl. I’m the father of a son and a daughter. I cannot possibly imagine what you have gone through and we owe it to you and to our country and to all those who seek to come here to have a system that works and to not have something like this happen. And so my prayers from my family to you and we thank you for being here. “

Roy said, “Mr. Chairman, I have to say, I am frustrated though with the title of the hearing. It’s setting a tone that doesn’t allow us to come together to address this difficult problem in a way that is befitting of the United States and our welcoming nature as a country. It is a hearing titled Kids in Cages. What we say and the hyperbole we use matters. As a member from Texas and former staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee, as a member of Congress, I’ve been to the border many times and to this day, I have never seen a kid in a cage the way those words seem to indicate it.”


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According to Vice News in August 2018, 20-year-old Juárez arrived at the South Texas Family Residential Center, in Dilley, in March and was detained for only two weeks with her 18-month-old daughter, Mariee, who became ill. Six weeks after being released from the facility, Mariee unfortunately died at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia from viral pneumonitis. With undoubtedly tremendous grief and more than $2 million in related medical fees, Juarez filed a wrongful death claim seeking now $60 million from the U.S. government according to the Washington Times. Meanwhile, Roy continues to add sober context to the hearing about the situation on the border.

Roy said, “Let’s look at the advertisements for this hearing, ok. The slide on the right is the ad for this hearing, showing pictures of children supposedly in cages. The picture on the left is the picture from 2014 when President Obama’s DHS Secretary Jay Johnson was giving a tour of a facility where you’ve got yes chain link barriers put up in temporary facilities. At that time, under the Obama administration, in a way to deal with a crisis at 2014 time of unaccompanied children riding on the top of train cars. We remember those horrific stories from five years ago. And trying to deal with the problem of massive numbers of people coming across the border. Oftentimes, with parents that aren’t the parents, claiming to be the parents of the child. Which is horrific. Oftentimes in facilities in dealing with situations where you want to separate the children from bad actors. In the most recent time, we have 144,000 people that CBP had to deal with in May. How do you deal with that?”

With certain members of Congress and the legacy media determined to distract the country with fantastic drama, the responsibility of improving the border situation seems to be a low priority. Roy sheds more perspective of the crisis and decries the demeaning of U.S. Law Enforcement just prior to the beginning of the media circus associated with Juarez.

Rep. Roy said, “Under the most generous circumstances of trying to figure out what to do, to care for these children, release them to family members. Release them in a safe way, care for them, give them food, give them health care. How would we have them do it? When we are denying them the facilities and resources to do it. We should discuss the humanitarian crisis. We are experiencing an unprecedented surge in migrants.”

And then Roy said, “I’ve personally seen that an overwhelming number of individuals for Border Patrol stations and stretch our border patrol workers to go above and beyond. We all agree that they’re stretched. There is no disagreement in this room on that at least today. There might have been five months ago. I’ve seen the facilities that I’ve not seen a single cage in the way that it is being depicted. I’m seeing ways to try to separate people and keep them safe. And we demean the process and our Border Patrol agents who are law enforcement officers for the government the United States.”

Includes reporting from the Associated Press, Vice News, the House Oversight Committee and the Washington Times