Eminence Police in Henry County, Kentucky, are looking for a man they believe is “armed and dangerous” after a suspected murder and kidnapping. He is driving a white 2001 Chrysler Town and Country van with a Kentucky license plate of 647-FPB, WDRB reported.

Thirty-seven-year-old Terry Whitehouse, who was released from the Shelby County Jail on Wednesday, Oct. 9, is believed to be on the run and holding his wife against her will.

Police responded to a house on Jackson Road near West Broadway in Eminence early Thursday morning, Oct. 10, and found a man’s body, who was identified as Whitehouse’s father-in-law.

Investigators said that after his release, Whitehouse went to the home of his wife’s parents in Eminence on Thursday morning, allegedly killed his father-in-law and forced his wife, Melinda K. Whitehouse, and mother-in-law to go with him. His mother-in-law was released in Shelby County. She then called the police.

Warrants were issued for Whitehouse on the kidnapping and domestic violence. Authorities have yet to release the victim’s name.

Anyone who sees Whitehouse’s vehicle should call the police.

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