Tommia Dean, the former cheerleader who knelt in protest during the national anthem before a football game in September 2017 was recently paid $145,000 in a settlement with the Kennesaw State University University.

Accordingly, Dean will receive a check for $93,000; another check for almost $52,000 to her attorneys to cover legal costs, the Marietta Daily Journal reported.

At the time of the story, Dean and four other cheerleaders—who also took a knee —were told to stay out of view before subsequent games. However, after a review by the university system determined their protests were protected by the U.S. Constitution, they were allowed back on the field.

In 2018, Dean filed the lawsuit which claimed that university President Sam Olens was pressured by county Sheriff Neil Warren to punish her and the other cheerleaders by keeping them off the field during the national anthem in two football games following their kneeling stunt.

She claimed Warren and former state Rep. Earl Ehrhart were racially motivated in their complaints to Olens about the cheerleaders’ public protest, and that she had since suffered emotional stress.

In February, a federal judge dismissed Ehrhart and Warren as defendants in the case, finding no evidence they acted with racial animus. However, Dean’s attorney plans to appeal. 

Her lawsuit was negated when Dean settled with the Georgia Department of Administrative Services for $145,000.  


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