There is one man who knows all about impeachment. Ken Starr was the independent counsel who led the investigation into President Bill Clinton in 1998.

Clinton was impeached on one charge of perjury and another of obstruction of justice.

It was a battle royale that had the country consumed with the unfolding soap opera, and it divided the country. Starr said the impeachment hearing President Trump is being subjected to has never been seen before in America and is nothing like the impeachment against Clinton.

Starr gave an interview on Friday, Dec.6, with Martha MacCallum on Fox News, where he described the differences between the impeachment hearings of former President Clinton and that of President Trump. And those differences are enormous.

Former independent counsel Kenneth Starr signs a copy of his recent book “Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation” at the University of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque, N.M., on Jan. 23, 2019. Starr, who investigated President Bill Clinton, said he wants the public to trust the checks and balances in the system established to hold presidents accountable. (Mary Hudetz/AP).

“The president of the United States had committed serious crimes,” said Starr, referring to Clinton knowingly perjuring himself … and then he had obstructed justice.”

‘What we have now, underway, is unprecedented in American history, said Starr, and if the process continues, it will be “the most partisan impeachment in the history of our country.”

“In stark contrast, President Trump has not committed any crimes whatsoever,” said Starr. “This has been an impeachment in search of a label,” he added.

Starr is suggesting everyone read the testimony of Ambassador Kurt Volker, the former U.S. special envoy for Ukraine. Volker is a career public servant who is respected worldwide, “who said the president had committed no crimes,” said Starr. “The evidence, ironically, points in favor of the president.”

Starr criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the charade of impeachment, attempting to hide the Democrats push to unseat the president under the banner of patriotism.

“What the speaker has done is stepped out of her historic role, she has arrogated power to herself, and she is wrapping herself, as the Democrats are, in a flag of patriotism. And I think it’s frankly, arrogance,” he said. “I think it’s arrogance masquerading as patriotism,” he concluded, “and the founding generation insists, we hear their echoes, we must impeach. And with all respect, that’s just profoundly wrong, and it’s unfair to the country.”

MacCallum reminded Starr of Pelosi’s recent accusation aimed at the president, where she said President Trump is responsible for the destruction of civilization as we know it in America.

“It’s a ridiculous charge, and the speaker really should be ashamed,” commented Starr.

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