During recent court proceedings about the murder of a 3-year-old Alabama girl showed she was possibly sexually assaulted before her murder.

Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney died from asphyxiation by suffocation the same day she was kidnapped from an outdoor birthday party in Birmingham, Alabama, on Oct. 12 before her body was found inside a dumpster.

Derick Brown, 29, and her boyfriend Patrick Stallworth, 39, were charged on Oct. 20 in her death.

Patrick Stallworth (L), 39, and Derick Brown, 29, were arrested and charged with the capital murder of 3-year-old Kamille ‘Cupcake’ McKinney. (Courtesy of the Birmingham Police Department)

Attorneys for both Brown and Stallworth have tried to point the finger at the other person for McKinney’s death in hearings.

During Brown’s testimony at court on Friday, Dec. 13, she stated that she saw Stallworth sexually assault McKinney in their apartment, WIAT reported.

Brown’s defense argued that the FBI DNA report revealed that Stallworth’s DNA was found under McKinney’s fingernails but Brown’s was not.

Although autopsy found no signs that Kamille was sexually assaulted, officials said in court Tuesday, Dec. 10, the decomposition of the body could have affected that, NBC News reported.

Also during court on Tuesday, Stallworth’s defense claimed that Brown was with him that entire day of McKinney’s kidnapping. The prosecution argued that the couple was seen offering candy to children near a school on the same day as the kidnapping.

And prosecutors during Stallworth’s court Friday appearance also said a mixture of blood and DNA from Brown, Stallworth, and McKinney, was found on a mattress in Brown’s apartment, WVTM13 reported.

Meth and trazodone, a medication used to treat depression, was found in McKinney’s system, prosecutors said.

“It’s evident that Brown and Stallworth worked together and that one or both of them sexually abused McKinney and caused her death,” Judge Clyde Jones reportedly said during his final statements during Brown’s hearing on Friday.

Both Brown and Stallworth could face the death penalty if convicted.