After many Republican states banned transgender students from competing against women and using their bathrooms, Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke said they are working to block those limitations.

She said as much in a back-to-school video featuring Department of Education Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Suzanne Goldberg, and transgender Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Rachel Levine on Aug. 17. 

“Right now were are fighting against laws that tried to ban transgender athletes in West Virginia and deny healthcare for transgender young people in Arkansas, and recently federal courts in both states have blocked those laws from being applied,” Clarke said.

They intend that the federal government crack’s down on legislation emanating from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana in that regard. 

The incursion of sex-changed biological males into women’s sports displaces females because they are losing in competition against them and simultaneously losing out on scholarships and other opportunities.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves is one of the opponents of such sport mismatches, as he put it when he announced in March that he would sign a bill to prevent it.

“It’s crazy we have to address it, but the Biden E.O. forced the issue. Adults? That’s on them. But the push for kids to adopt transgenderism is just wrong,” he tweeted.

It should be recalled that the president, Joe Biden, signed an executive order on Jan. 20 to allow trans athletes who have gone through male puberty to compete in women’s sports. Reeves called Biden’s new policy a “radical social experiment.” 

For his part, Twitter user Matt Walsh tries to clarify the use of terms and case presentation in one of his tweets.

“You notice how they have to lie and claim that “trans girls” are being banned from sports, which is not remotely true,” Walsh wrote. 

He added: “That’s because if they told the truth—that biological males are being barred from female sports—they would look like maniacs for objecting.”

Walsh thus commented on a tweet from actress and activist Alyssa Milano, in which she highlighted legislation banning transgender participation against women. 

“Across the country, 26 states have introduced over 75 bills attacking transgender people—primarily young people,” Milano wrote. 

She added, “Last week the South Dakota legislature voted to pass HB1217, which will ban trans girls from participating in sports. You MUST veto this bill.” 

The terms used in these cases would signal that woke culture has penetrated deep into even the collective unconscious for another netizen. 

“The fact that even conservatives use expressions such as “biological man, biological woman, biological male, biological female” (implying that those words can be defined outside of biology) shows how much the Woke movement has infiltrated people’s unconscious minds,” commented @sossmak.

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