A Maryland father reportedly handed a shotgun to his 14-year-old son and told him, “End it now” after the boy confided that he was having suicidal thoughts.

‘Do it, just do it,’ Anthony Lewis, 46, allegedly told his son. But when forced to hold the gun, the boy dropped it, ran into his room, and locked the door.

Prosecutors said Lewis’s behavior is allegedly part of a pattern of abuse that the child had suffered for at least six months, according to WMAR-TV.

In addition, he has been also charged with assault, reckless endangerment, assisted suicide by providing means, firearm use, and failure to send a child to school.

Court documents claimed that between January and June of this year, Lewis hit his son with a belt or extension cord more than 20 times on at least three different occasions, causing bruises and welts, according to ABC News.

The son also said to police how Lewis strangled him on one occasion that caused him to see “weird colors in my eyes” before “it started turning black.”

It was during the same time period that the boy confided in his parents that he was contemplating suicide, investigators said.

Lewis is being held without bond at the Jennifer Road Detention Center in Anne Arundel County.

A preliminary court hearing is set for Dec. 23.

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