On Thursday, Dec. 9, a jury returned a verdict in the criminal trial of Jussie Smollett, nearly three years after he claimed he suffered a racial and homophobic attack by two Trump supporters in downtown Chicago in 2019.

The jury discussed for more than nine hours before reaching the verdict.

The jury’s deliberations followed six days of testimony regarding the alleged attack by brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo. Prosecutors claimed Smollett paid the two brothers $3,500 to stage the attack as a publicity stunt, but the defense argued he was the victim of an actual hate crime, New York Post reported.

The brothers had testified about being instructed to fake the purported attack. They had detailed the incident’s planning while Smollett testified he paid $3,500 to Abimbola for personal training services and a meal plan.

According to investigators, Smollett faced five charges of disorderly conduct for allegedly making a false police report.

Back in 2019, Smollett, 39, gained tremendous support in the aftermath of the attack when he told the police that he was assaulted on the way home by two men who beat him up, hurled racist and homophobic obscenities at him, and tied a rope like a noose around his neck.

However, the attack was later revealed to be a hoax after investigators spoke with the Osundario brothers upon their return from overseas. On Feb. 20, 2019, Smollett was charged, with Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson claiming that the incident was staged because he was dissatisfied with his pay on the Fox hit program.

Smollett’s alleged hate crime generated widespread anger. The actor may face up to three years in jail for the crimes.

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