As many must know, June is Gay Pride Month, a month where everything is dyed in LGBTQ colors and where children receive accelerated indoctrination about these dangerous progressive ideas.

And there is no better way to carry out this indoctrination than through channels with content for children.

With Nickelodeon leading the way, children’s television channels are filled with LGBTQ-themed content, seeking to normalize these new sexual orientations that are destroying the morality of humanity.

This has generated a flood of criticism from parents concerned about the content to which their children are exposed.

Conservative political commentator Derek Utley shared on his Twitter account a video from Nickelodeon where a drag queen sings a song that explains what gender represents each color of the LGBTQ flag.

In the post, Utley asks people to cancel Nickelodeon now.

This video was viewed on twitter by over 500 thousand people.

Nick Jr, is Nickelodeon’s signal aimed at children ages 2-10 and in an episode of their famous show Blue’s Clues, featured a gay pride parade with gay, transgender, and non-binary animals, with a drag queen explaining about asexual, bisexual, pansexual, transgender and non-binary families and wouldn’t you know it, there were transgender kids.

This video also became very popular, and it was seen by more than 1 million people and was praised by progressives and criticized by conservatives.

The Teletubbies also contributed their own, they made their gay pride collection, with shorts, caps, t-shirts and masks.

These were just a few examples of what you can find on children’s TV channels this June.

But a disturbing fact is that this indoctrination is not a monopoly of children’s television programs, but also occurs in schools, which are the place where parents place their trust for the education of their children.

In New York’s Putnam County, the mother of a child complained to the school board because they are promoting a curriculum that teaches about LGBTQ and other progressive ideas, the Daily Caller reported.

Tatiyana Ibrahim blamed them for emotionally abusing children by instilling these ideas and stated:

“Stop teaching our children that if they don’t agree with the LGBT community they are homophobic.”

Another case in Loudoun County in Virginia, where the school district succeeded in getting June formally recognized as gay pride month, with only one dissenting vote.

This “no” vote came from John Beatty, who said that children should learn sex education from parents, explaining that “We’re telling parents that we’re trying to usurp that role” and added “That even though they don’t want their kids to learn about sex from us, we’re going to make them learn it anyway. And that’s what celebrating Pride month is all about.”

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